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This page is about me and why everything I like is great. If you disagree with anything you find on this page, you are wrong.

Am I right or what?

He's just like me FR.
I'm the John Wick of taking too many ADHD drugs at once and accidentally dying.
NoFap is a psyop to make you hate your penis and balls.
Beating your meat is now obsolete.
Soymaxxed for superior gains.
The Lifestyle Zoo.
You can't take me to court for calling you gay.
The Fascists.
283 pages of high quality psychosis for you and your friends.
Take this test to find out now!
The Ukraine Invasion Did Not Take Place.
'If I asked Twitter, it might say that the Ukrainians are like the Avengers and Putin is - uh - Hitler.'
Leave room for Jesus in the PDF.
Tears of a clown.
Journey out of the body (and offline).
Increase your testosterone with self-hypnosis.
The Peacekeeper.
50 minutes of deleted jpgs. 'That's history right there, you understand?'
Transcendental meditation in the dentist's chair.
Self-help for the suggestible retard.
Liveblogging behind the blackout curtain.
Apocalypse preparation with Billy Joel.
My idols are shadowbanned and my enemies are monetizing content.
Mark Fisher memes for fun and profit.
I am being gangstalked by teenagers on the internet.
Targeted Individual: a book about what the algorithm thinks of me.


you have bought a copy of the fascists,
haven't you anon?
what happens if we're outnumbered by freaks?



and for the distinguished gentleman:
reprints of some classics.


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Plagiarism is necessary.
Progress implies it.
It embraces an author's phrase, makes use of his expressions,
erases a false idea, and replaces it with the right idea.